Downtown Farmers Market

Today after working out Penelope and I walked on over to the Downtown Farmers Market and picked up a fairly large assortment of mostly organic fruits and veggies. I say mostly because only about half of the market is certified organic and the rest of the food says that they are grown pesticide free. If you ask the farmers themselves if it is organic they say they can’t afford the organic certification, but that they don’t use pesticides. Some of the things we picked up included fresh basil, oregano, rosemary, brussel sprouts, plums, garlic, shallots, corn, pineapple tomatoes, cherry tomatoes and heirloom tomatoes. I wish the farmers market came every week for the whole year, but I would assume that the farmers from the southern hemisphere would be hard presses to make it out every week during their harvest season.

8 thoughts on “Downtown Farmers Market”

  1. I totally agree… I hit a great farmers market when I was in the Oakland hills a few month ago. We actually have a farmers market that is open every day in town as well as several that pop up on the weekends… they’re just not in walking distance from my loft!

  2. the downtown farmers market is in front of my office building. it is hugely popular and there has been some talk of keeping it after october. the best time to go is at 2:45 when the farmers begin packing up…you get the best deals especially on flowers

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