Complicated prayers

Today, I rode my bicycle to the second day of a two-day meeting. I was going to ride here yesterday as well, but the thunderstorms canceled that plan. There might be more storms this afternoon, but hopefully that won’t screw up my ride home.

Local news cameraman and awesome blogger Bryan Frank (aka beFrank) is in a truck heading toward Texas and Hurricane Rita. He describes the juxtaposition between being excited about a big news story and horrified by the possibility of it actually happening in a post today: Now I lay me down to sleep…

I’ve got a simple goal. I want to get to where our story will be and put it on television for the viewers… and I want to do it safely and when the job is done, I want to come home.


What did you do today?

2 thoughts on “Complicated prayers”

  1. Even though I know the answer, I keep scratching my head and wondering, why the hell are we driving towards this thing, if everyone else is going the other way?

    Thanks for the link.

  2. Sounds stupid to me. Having news men standing outside in the hurricanes makes people think its safe to stay.


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