The Great Gator Gabble Goes On

The Great Gator Gabble proceeds apace with news that the reptillian wranglers from Florida charged with tracking down the elusive Reggie have gone home in a huff. The brouhaha broke up farther yesterday with charges and countercharges of poor overall planning regarding finding the reptile and ungentlemanly behavior on the part of the critic. Or, to use the actual words of the parties concerned: ‘retarded’ and ‘swamp rat.’

Thomas ‘T-Bone’ Quinn described as ‘retarded’ the tactics employed by the wranglers from Orlando-based Gatorland. He made his comments on Saturday after being escorted by Councilwoman Janice Hahn to Ken Molloy Harbor Regional Park in South Los Angeles, where the gator dubbed Reggie has inhabited a lake for at least two months.

‘I am not going to allow Gatorland to be referred to as "retarded," ‘ Gatorland team leader Ted Williams said Monday. ‘I will not allow some swamp rat to walk into a situation and make comments about Gatorland and this team. We conducted ourselves in a professional manner.’