Southland Tales

Earlier this week the management of our building posted up a filming survey in our elevator with this little nugget of fun highlighted:

9/23 & 9/24 – FULL LOAD AUTOMATIC GUNFIRE, squib hits to bodies, molotov cocktails, 9/22-9/24 muzzle flashes and smoke. 9/22-9/24 – Car crash scene (with a ramp), riot scenes, extras coming out of MTA stations, MANY weapons brandished

So it looks like downtown is gonna get a little crazy the 22nd through the 24th of this month… oh and the best part is the hours will be from 7:00pm to 8:00am! Joy… well maybe I’ll go down and take some photos of the mayhem. I assume I will be able to hear it from my loft which is two blocks away from the action.

UPDATE: I gave the production unit manager a call and asked if I could come down and check out the shoot on Thursday and he said it would be cool, but if I wanted to take photos I would have to talk to the unit publicist whom I called and left a message with.

UPDATE 2: So I just heard back from the publicist and it is a no go on the photos, but I talked to the production manager again and he said that I am welcome to come down and watch the stunts tomorrow night, so I’ll take notes and write and descriptive post about what I saw.

5 thoughts on “Southland Tales”

  1. That’s bullshit. You can take pictures of anything or anyone in any public place. Last I checked, the streets of downtown were still public (for now).

    PS: audio recordings are different and usually not okay without explicit permission.

  2. That is true if I can get to the actual place where they are shooting. I am assuming they will have pretty tight security. We will see what happens.

  3. EECUE, if you aren’t faking this whole thing (calling the unit publicist?), then you need to make pictures. Seriously. I’ve seen dozens of photos from the set of Southland Tales. And not only pap pics, but also from people who happen to bump into the production. ST has been filming all over LA in public places (lot of stuff on the beaches as well) and they aren’t making any probs about people taking pics. I know cameras / cellphones aren’t allowed ON SET, but when you just ‘happen to be’ in the neighbourhood, it’s possible to take pics just as good. Just bring your camera and shoot some pics.

  4. not sure why I would fake this… I will bring my camera and see what happens… the problem is two-fold though… one my camera is not exactly low profile… EOS 20D and two I am getting a tour of a closed set by the location guy. so we’ll see what happens tomorrow. btw I looked on IMDB and the movie looks pretty much awful.

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