Rainy Day in LA

I have always loved rainy days ever since I was a kid… there is something about the sound of rain on the roof and against the glass that is especially calming for me and the roar of thunder adds to that for some strange reason. Last night on my drive home it was raining which always makes for an interesting drive as SoCalites seem to lose all grasp of what it is to drive when the roads get wet. Here in downtown the street below my loft is actually deserted, where there are normally somewhere between 20 and 50 homeless folks hanging out there are now only 3 huddled together below a black umbrella. I have a feeling that most of the street regulars are spending the day somewhere dry instead of exposed in the rain on Main Street, I wish them the best as it must suck to be without a place to live even with our normal sunny Southern California weather.

On another note, Penelope and I are going to walk to the gym in a bit, good thing they give us free towels!

Just before we left the building an earthshaking thunder clap shook our building and set off all the car alarms in the parking garage across the street. Ok I really am going to go work out now!

2 thoughts on “Rainy Day in LA”

  1. I was thinking how much I like the rain too as I drove to work. I was reminded of when I was a kid and would complain about the rain and my mom would scold me, “The rain is a blessing, we need it. Be thankful and stop complaining.” She was right. We were in the middle of the drought years and rain was definitely needed. I’ve taken that with me many years later as I sit in traffic and complain about bad driving become worse and long commutes to school/work.

  2. you and penelope are more diligent about working out than i am. i used the rain as an excuse to not work out today, even with the free towels.

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