It’s all over now / Barry blue…

OK, first of all, I will remain a Dodger fan if the following were to actually come about. I would not, however, go to any games, buy any merchandise, or watch them on television until the nightmare was over.

What am I talking about?

You might remember the story last month about the potential of Barry Bonds donning an Angels uniform.

How about Barry Bonds in Dodger Blue?

Yeah, I thought so.

7 thoughts on “It’s all over now / Barry blue…”

  1. It’s too bad the L.A. Times makes it so fucking difficult to get to the news. Even with BugMeNot I can’t seem to get to that article. I think I got the idea, though.

    Barry in Dodger Blue? I sure hope not. I’d still be a Dodger fan, but I don’t know how supportive I could be while Bonds was on the field. Not because he’d be a former Giant or just a jerk, but because he’s not a team player. The only reason he’s still playing the game is that he wants the home run record. Of all the things the Dodgers need right now, Bonds certainly isn’t it.

  2. Are you kidding? I’d LOVE L.A. to be the team that takes Barry away from the Giants, not because Bonds would make a great addition or give us the boost we’d need รณ screw that, he won’t be. But because it would just be a big FUCK YOU to our arch rivals. Giants fans will crap their pants if Barry comes and “plays” down here and since I’m one of those L.A. fans with as much seeth and scathe for the Giants as they have for L.A. I say come on down Bondsie! And besides with him here I’d be able to yell “Barry Sucks” a lot more often. Bring him on!

  3. Please. Pay no attention to Simers. I wish I could get my paper guy to cut out Simers & Plaschke before delivering my paper to me. Anyone who’s willing to sit in my driveway at 5 am & do that for me is totally hired.

  4. I drove up to SF this weekend for both day games and a first visit to SBC park, which was pretty darned sweet (despite the pair of losses). While I enjoyed gratuitously asking everyone around me how to get to “the Dodgers game” and wearing my colors in, I was unimpressed with the fandom up there — for all the “Beat LA” nonsense going on in the stands, there were still throngs of people pouring into the stadium in the bottom of the third, plenty of open seats, and all people seemed to care about was that Bonds was in the house sunday.

    I’ll admit it was impressive watching him light up #705 — especially after Kuo had him 0-2 on 96mph fireballs. On the 7th pitch, Bond made it look effortless (unlike his home run trot) as he launched it into the water.

    Could the Dodgers use more home runs? Sure. And driving a Hummer will keep you safe on the freeway.

    Even if it would be hard to say no to the right deal, a juiced-up, broken-kneed, past-his-prime, one-tool-left guy chasing a personal record doesn’t even belong in the same sentence as the words “baseball” and “Dodgers”.

  5. First of all, it’s not going to happen (why would he go to another NL team when he could go to the AL to DH?), but secondly, let’s cut crap: L.A. fans would love it if Bonds came to play for the Dodgers.

    Guys: it’s Barry Bonds. Not Gameboy Milton Bradley or the Rancher Jeff Kent.

    Having the greatest player of his generation come to finish his career as a Dodger would be gravy on top of sticking it to the Giants up north.

    My guess is that it’s a troubling notion for you all to entertain because if it were to happen, all of you naysayers would be made into hypocrites. Tell me L.A. fans wouldn’t cheer Bonds when he hits his (unproven) steroid fueled blasts and drove in runs for the team. Tell me that the naysayers would sit there, all mopey, when the rest of the gang at Chavez Ravine cheers as he rounded the bases.

    Far as I can see, the only downside is that most Dodger fans would become mute as they wouldn’t be able to use the only two words in their vocabulary.

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