First Reality Show Related Death?

So for almost as long as our country has been enamored with the oxymoronically named “reality shows” I have been wondering when the first person is going to get killed on one of them Running Man style. I read this bit of news the other day about a woman who was trying out for one of the more disturbing and superficial shows out there called Extreme Makeover. Apparently the woman who, is pretty disfigured, was cut from the show the night before filming was to begin, the producers citing the reason being that it would take too long for her to heal from the massive surgeries that would be required to de-uglify her. The producers prodded her family members into saying cruel things about her on camera and her sister felt so bad for what she said that she committed suicide in shame. The woman who was going to win an extreme makeover has now won the responsibility of taking care of her sisters kids. Not surprisingly she is suing ABC. Personally I have always thought we missed the boat on really good reality TV like japan has. I mean kidnapping someone and locking them naked in a room for a year with their only means of clothing and feeding themselves being contest forms is pure brilliance… poor poor Nasubi!

4 thoughts on “First Reality Show Related Death?”

  1. oh snap… i suppose so… i guess I don’t follow reality show news as closely as I should…. but it seems that this ladies suicide was more directly related to the show than the boxers.

  2. I also remember hearing about a death of someone in some international survivor/fear factor-ish show dying when i rock fell on him.

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