What kind of idiot calls a fake phone number on a billboard advertising the TV show Boston Legal? Umm… this kind. If you’ve been tempted to dial up James Spader while sitting in a bus shelter or stuck in traffic, staring at one of the many posters around town, I’ll save you the trouble.

If you get through (it was busy the first time I tried, but it seems I will go out of my way to listen to advertising for a show I don’t even watch), you’ll hear the outgoing voicemail message for Crane, Pool and Schmidt, the fictional law firm featured in the show. The girl recording the message is repeatedly interrupted by William Shatner’s character saying things like, “Has anyone ever told you how incredibly beautiful you are?”

The verdict: A complete waste of time. And it’s only about 30 seconds, so that’s saying a lot.

One thought on “877-SUE-2-WIN”

  1. What’s even more worrying is that I just *had* to ring the number to hear it for myself….you’re right, what a waste of time.

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