Sleepy Lagoon Revisited

toalice.jpg For today’s Hispanic Heritage Month mini-lesson, I present a quote used in the Sleepy Lagoon Murder Trial of 1942.

Without disparagement it may be said that there is a cruel streak in the Mexican nature, or so the history of Texas would lead one to believe. This cruelty may be a heritage from the Spanish of the Inquisition; it may and doubtless should be attributed partly to the Indian blood.
– Walter Prescott Webb, Texan historian

As I’ve mentioned before I’ve read a lot on pachucos, the Sleepy Lagoon trial, the Zoot Suit Riots, and other history of the Mexicans and Chicanos in Los Angeles. It’s fascinating, but hard to believe that prosecutors would truely argue that Mexican youth were more cruel because of our indigenous and Spanish heritage.

For more on the the Sleepy Lagoon case, check:

Photo of Sleepy Lagoon defendants in San Quentin Prison. Signed “To Alice, with love from her boys.” Alice McGrath was the executive secretary of the Sleepy Lagoon Defense Committee.

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    Cindy you rawk, looking forward to the next
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  3. Mexiforfnia, you are an ass.

    Cindy, this was very interesting and informative. It gave me a slice of LA history I wasn’t aware of.
    Keep it up.

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    I love your posts, I always learn from them, and you are one of the primary reasons I read this blog, please continue to post on race issues, I feel that this is where you add the most to this blog, and there are many here who obviously need the education.

    Great stuff.


  5. I always enjoy your posts because i actually learn something new from them. Your posts add a different and nice perspective on la that this site lacks. :)

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