Best reason to venture out to the suburbs

hh76station.JPG One of the best rewards for making making the 28 mile trip to my parent’s house in Hacienda Heights, an unincorporated LA County town, is the cheap(er) gas. I feel like I’ve gone back a couple months when I see the prices in HH.

I have plenty of other reasons to venture into the suburbs (parents, siblings, extended family, grandparents, the dog, free laundry, home-cooked meals, home-grown avocados, plain boredom), but saving money almost makes sitting in traffic worth it.

2 thoughts on “Best reason to venture out to the suburbs”

  1. I noticed when I went to Ojai last week that gas was much cheaper just over the county line. I’ll have to remember that on my next road trip (I usually fill up before I hit the road).

  2. it’s kinda sad that $2.82 is “cheap” now… I’m thinking of trading my fairly new car in for one of the new civic hybrids.

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