Freeway closure near LAX

I just got back into town tonight (after spending a week in NY missing the hell out of L.A. – more on that later), and was surprised to find that pretty much every onramp to the 105 East near LAX was closed. I first tried to get on at Sepulveda near Century – no dice. Took a left at Imperial and tried to get on there – nothing. I (and a bunch of confused, multi-lane-crossing folks) finally got on at Aviation.

I wasn’t too happy that I didn’t know about this beforehand, but since I don’t have a commute anymore I haven’t been paying attention to many of the numerous L.A. traffic sites lately. So, when I got home, I did a little searching and found a Caltrans site that lists lane closures. I searched by route and found the reason for the closure of the 105: EB Begin Frwy, Los Angeles International Airport, End EB San Diego Frwy, Jct. Rte 405, 09/16/2005 09:00PM – 09/18/2005 10:00AM – Filming. Speed 3, perhaps? In any case, I figured the site would come in handy for future trip planning, or at least a hint of where I can find awesome high-speed chases being filmed late at night. (For the record, I didn’t see any high-speed chases. Now I’m kind of disappointed.)