Nano? No.

Last night, I finally decided to buy an iPod nano. I have a little crush on the 4 GB white one, even though Mac products are totally not my type. But I am SO SAD to report that none of the L.A. Apple stores I’ve called have them in stock. If you call, you get a vague recording asking you to stop by and “experience the nano” even though stock is limited. I don’t want to freakin’ experience one! I want to take it home. If you press 5 so a real person picks up, they explain that they do have the 2 GB white ones in stock, but who wants one of those? Normally, I’d just buy the one I want online, but there’s a 5-7 day wait before it’ll even ship.

If anyone has a hot tip on how I can get my hands on a 4 GB white nano in the next few days, please let me know. Maybe I should just be patient, but I’m getting a little Veruca Salt-y… I want it now!

Update: After calling numerous Circuit City, Best Buy, Frye’s, Target, and Melrose Mac stores, I got an email from an awesome reader that said the USC bookstore had “tons of iPod nanos.” I called, and sure enough, they had a 4 GB white one in stock. The following conversation ensued:

Me: “Do you have to be a student to shop there?”
Store guy: “Well, that’s sort of the idea…”
Me: “I’m not a student, but I really want a nano.”
Store guy (reluctantly): “Um… come on over.”

Once I got there, and they rang it up with a student discount, I figured I was about to get booted out of the store for not having a student id. But then I mentioned how I had forgotten to bring my id with me, and everything worked out perfectly.

Okay, I better go feed my new baby some songs…

8 thoughts on “Nano? No.”

  1. I ran into a similar experience trying to find a 1GB iPod Shuffle when they were announced awhile back, so I made sure to order a black 4GB nano about 15 minutes after the online Apple Store came back online.

    I got mine on Monday. :)

  2. Edit: “…I made sure to order a black 4GB nano about 15 minutes after the online Apple Store came back online.”

    That should read “…I made sure to order a black 4GB nano about 15 minutes after the Apple Store came back online (usually when a new product is announced the Apple Store goes down).”

  3. Koga, how many iPods does one guy need?!

    A stranger just emailed me a shopping suggestion. If it works out, I’ll post an update later today.

  4. Well, I don’t know why you want the iPod Nano but I know why I don’t want one:non warranty of battery or possibility to change it, no voice recorder, no FM tuner and extremely fragile. Anyway, my best advice for you will be wait for 2 weeks, why?, because Apple is going to drop the price.

  5. Well, it’s fairly obvious Cajuna doesn’t watch Apple all that closely. That move would be totally out of character for the company.

  6. How many months did it take Apple to drop the price on the iPod mini, even when everyone (myself included) thought it was overpriced after it was introduced? 8? 9? Waiting two weeks will only mean you missed out on having it for two weeks.

    I don’t know what the situation with the battery is, but with iPods, usually by the time the battery is dead, you’ll want the latest model anyway. If not, other iPods have battery replacement options, so I won’t be surprised if the nano does as well.

    Voice recorder? FM tuner? I’d never use either. Fragile? I’ll give you that. But consumer electronic devices usually are. And if they aren’t, they’re usually butt-ugly. Some people love featuritis, and some just want something that does one thing very well.

    Lisa, I’m curious why you weren’t supposed to shop at the USC bookstore. I’ve bought things from the UCSB bookstore long after I stopped going there. I figure all they have to do is not give you an academic discount.

  7. MrHooks, it’s likely that they would’ve sold it to me anyway, without the discount. But at that moment, I was afraid that admitting I wasn’t a student was going to prevent me from getting a nano altogether. After having called every electronics place I could think of and finding out they didn’t have the 4 GB white one, and after convincing my friend to drive me all the way to USC, I didn’t want to say anything that might screw up my chances.

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