Your Chance To Pipe Up

After years of waiting, trying for, and dreaming of a major waterfront redevelopment, it seems that San Pedrans might finally be getting what they want. At least, what most of us want.

Unfortunately, most of us are the strong, silent type.

The project, Bridge to Breakwater, will reunite Angelenos with their waterfront – giving us miles of strolling and jogging paths, planned, sensible retail and restaurant development, and tax revenue.

But, as with all great ideas, there are those who would love to see it scuttled, enemies of smart growth and community renewal. I suppose I should thank the extremely vocal project opposition. If they can just keep San Pedro less attractive a bit longer, it will help keep property values down, which will make it easier for me to buy a house when I move home after my San Francisco exile. Of course, in the meantime, the rest of the town suffers for lack of entertainment, employment, and the other amenities enjoyed by towns up and down the coast. But no matter – the opponents have their houses (far removed from the development area), so screw the rest of us.

Tonight, the Port of Los Angeles and the Army Corps of Engineers are holding a CEQA Scoping Meeting from 6:00 – 8:30pm at the Ports O’Call Restaurant, Berth 76, in the Ports O’Call Village in San Pedro. It’s the public’s opportunity to comment on the scope of the project as part of the legally required Environmental Impact Statement and Report.

Project information can be found here, here, and here.

The opponents to the project are few and vocal and the supports many and silent. If you live in San Pedro and want to see the continued, environmentally responsible, economically vital waterfront beautification continue, please drop by and share your support.

Our other opponent, sadly, may live at City Hall – since newly elected Mayor Villaraigosa seems to have it in his head – or at least has it leaked in the papers – that San Pedro has benefited tremendously to the detriment of Wilmington. That’s complete crap – we’ve all be ignored here in the Harbor for a long time. The Hahns – former Mayor Jim and sister Councilwoman Janice – have worked hard to aid the community’s growth – but they never hurt another neighborhood in the process.

Hope to see you there!