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Two nights ago, I went with some friends to see The Like/The Ditty Bops/Tori Amos at the Santa Barbara Bowl. There were so many gorgeous pairs and groups of women in attendance that I had Lilith Fair flashbacks.

I was more excited about the two opening bands, who are both from Los Angeles. I’ve gushed enough about The Ditty Bops, but the Like have gotten my attention lately, and they performed two days ago at KCRW‘s Morning Becomes Eclectic (available as an iTunes Podcast and viewable online). They’re also friends with The Cobrasnake as they’re in several of his photos and he is thanked in the liner notes for their album Are You Thinking What I’m Thinking? which came out on Tuesday. It’s really a damn shame that more people didn’t arrive early to see both bands (which reminded me of Dodger Stadium syndrome) because they were quite good live.

But back to Tori.

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The final stop of her current “Original Sinsuality/Summer of Sun” tour ends this Saturday at The Greek Theatre, and there are two things you should know about if you’re going (and if you’re a Tori fan, chances are you already know about this, so I guess this is for the noobs):

  • Tori has had meet-and-greets before her shows. But with L.A. being the last stop, and Tori fans being rather fanatical in their devotion, expect it to be super crazy in atmosphere.
  • This has reportedly been a occurance that has started with this tour, but after Tori exits offstage, and before the first of her two encores, concertgoers will rush to the front of the stage. If you have crappy seats, this is your chance to see her up close.

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