Real-Time Spam Map…


Slashdot posted a story yesterday about Mailinator‘s real-time spam map that makes use of Google Maps:

Mailinator… ends up getting plenty of its own (averaging over a million emails a day!). This map shows (in semi-realtime) ip addresses that are currently sending the most spam to Mailinator.

Seems rather amusing that the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreational Area are a haven for spammers.

Granted, one comment mentions that “More likely, this is a map of open relays and zombies,” but still… smack in the middle of the Rec. Area?

4 thoughts on “Real-Time Spam Map…”

  1. Just some info.. the franklin canyon parcel is administered by the Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy… but some NPS employees live there too. I seriously doubt the people living there send out spam.. they didn’t seem like the type.

    Alas, if you zoom way in, the little bubble is outside the boundary of the NRA. That area around there is mostly huge mansions

  2. Charlie: Well, I’m thinking that if the map is accurate, then the computers that are sending out the spam are indeed zombies. But thanks for pointing that out.

    Brian: Yeah, I just found the location rather amusing.

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