Beating the Traffic Beast

Yes, itís another traffic story. I started working on a new show. The downside is that the offices are temporarily in the corporate structure in Century City. Yuck. I live in the East Hollywood Hills so itís definitely an ugly cross-town commute in rush hour traffic. I have a thing for timing everything. So to keep myself amused, I decided that everyday I would take a slightly different route to find the fastest trek to work.
First up was the Sunset Blvd cross town jauntÖnot bad, 40 minutes tops which surprised the hell out of me. A colleague who lives nearby advised meÖîno, no, you gotta go MulhollandÖand drop down on Beverly Glenî. Big Mistake: Sure there was clear sailing almost the entire way, but the whole adventure took 55 minutes. Then I did the Olympic route: decent, clocking in at 45 minutes. Santa Monica Blvd was the second worst at 50 minutes, although sometimes in the morning it is pretty good.
I canít wait till we move the offices to Hollywood in two weeks. How do people do this everyday? Maybe now is the time to start those ìLearn Spanish on CDísî Iíve been meaning to dig into.

5 thoughts on “Beating the Traffic Beast”

  1. This is your fastest route: Sunset to Whittier (in BH), go straight on Whittier through Wilshire onto Merv Griffin Drive (between Robinsons-May and the Beverly Hilton), take a left on Santa Monica Blvd and you’re in Century City. You can thank me later. ;-)

    Plus you get to tell everyone, “I took Merv Griffin to Century City!”

  2. I dunno, I tried to take Whittier from Sunset to Wilshire once in the morning. But there’s a school very close to that intersection, and the whole thing got jammed up with BH parents’ SUVs dropping the kids off. What did I do wrong?

  3. Yeah, the sunset whittier connect is definately the best. There’s a bit of a clog on sunset plaza, but it’s fast. I haven’t hit a problem with the school yet…probably because I leave later than when they start.

  4. Glad it worked out! If you can avoid the school drop-off and pick-up, it’s definitely the best way to go…

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