250 Million

For those who wait for the really big lotteries to buy your lucky tickets, the MegaMillions jackpot is up to $250,000,000 dollars. That’s 250 MILLION. Sure, if you take the lump sum and pay all the taxes on it, it only comes out to about 75 million, but that’s still a pretty giant wad of cash.

I predict the following numbers will win:

1, 19, 33, 43, 54 MEGA BALL 11

How do I know? Let’s just say…

[imagine spooky music and a ghostly voice]


*May or may not be true.

2 thoughts on “250 Million”

  1. yeah, but I actually live in/on the future… and I don’t think I’ve ever seen you over here. Wanna see what it’s like? “The future is a lot like the present, only longer.” – some quoter I ferget.

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