Like a cake walk, but more of a run and without cake.

Longtime commenter and local filmmaker David Markland (aka Unsomnambulist) has been working with Nike on their upcoming Run Hit Wonder 5/10k set to take place on September 24th here in Los Angeles.

I ran the inaugural 10k two years ago and it’s actually a really fun race. Throughout the course, bands like Aquabat, Joan Jett and the Blackhearts and Fountains of Wayne will be playing live. The best part about the race though (to me at least) is that each runner gets an individually numbered Nike Dri-Fit race shirt, easily worth the price of entry. Why deal with an annoying number pinned onto your soggy white cotton tee-shirt?

Registration is still open for this year’s race, but David has offered up two free entries to readers, which includes the entry fee (obviously) and two shirts: the training shirt and the actual race day shirt. We figured a drawing of some sort would be the best way to give these away, so here’s the deal…

If you’re interested, post a comment with fictitious follow-ups to famous one hit wonder songs. Make them original.

Here’s an example:

Tommy Tutone: 867-5310

Get it? (Maybe try to make yours better than mine.)

You have until Monday, Sept. 19th at noon.

Everyone who comments will be eligible and on Monday, we’ll draw two names.

*Starting Gun*


13 thoughts on “Like a cake walk, but more of a run and without cake.”

  1. J. Geils Band: Angel is a MILF

    BTW, please excuse me from prize consideration. I just think this is a great contest idea. So far, Rickety’s Kajagoogoo entry cracked me up the most.

  2. >Dexy’s Midnight Runners – “Fall asleep without cuddling while Eileen cleans up”

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. OMG. That’s awesome.

  3. Howard Jones, “No One is To Blame (Well, except for my manager, whose inept handling of my career kept me out of the recording studio and off the charts for much of the 1990s, and who convinced me to appear on that dreadful reality show ‘Hit Me Baby One More Time’ this summer. So yeah, actually, he’s to blame. Bastard.)”

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