BREAKING NEWS: Alleged ‘gator Catch a HOAX!

Well, see what I get for believing those meat-boiling poodle tossers at the BBC?

Our local, trusted KCBS news, where we can always turn for coverage of STORMWATCH!!1 or [Celebrity]WATCH!!11, thought the tale of Reggie the Renegade Alligator’s capture a little too good to be true, so they did a little . . . wait for it . . . journalism.

(Well, sort of. They reprinted an AP wire story, but it’s CBS we’re talking about, so this should earn them the Peabody.)

Here’s what they uncovered:

Earlier today, a man claiming to be wrangler Jay Young, who had been hired by the city, told The Associated Press and several other media outlets that he had caught the alligator overnight.

That story was cast into doubt when the promised delivery of the alligator to the Los Angeles Zoo never happened.

Reached later today by phone at his Colorado gator farm, Young said he has not been in Los Angeles recently and that he hadn’t called the media earlier in the day. He said the caller apparently was someone impersonating him.

I’ll have more as this shocking saga continues to unfold. I’ll stay with it all day, if I have to, so readers can stay informed.

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6 thoughts on “BREAKING NEWS: Alleged ‘gator Catch a HOAX!”

  1. Why are we so concerned about getting alligators or caymans out of our lakes? It just adds an element of surprise. Put up a couple signs and all the responsibility of not getting eaten is put on the people

  2. Though the powers that be didn’t cotton to my personal idea to simply drain the lake, catch the critter, take care of maintenance and then let Mother Nature refill it….there is rumor that folks are taking bets on “how many Firefighters it will take” to capture the reptile that now has both a fan club and merchandising at:


    Oh what a world!

    Respectfully Yours in Safety and Service,

    Brian Humphrey
    Public Service Officer
    Los Angeles Fire Department

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