WeHo Power Outtage Scoop

I was in Canter’s deli when the lights went out. They were only out for about 2 minutes before they kicked back in and some people starting clapping. Yay for electricity! Honestly, I didn’t know anything external was going on until because our waitress said something about bread mixers upstairs??? On my way back to Silver Lake, with the exception of a few lights on Melrose and Beverly in the West Hollywood area, it was smooth sailing. Until, of course, I hit where Beverly turns into Silver Lake Boulevard. Then things got a bit chaotic – every light was out and the four-way stop thing doesn’t work so well at major intersections…especially when people turning DON’T USE THEIR BLINKERS! Fortunately I didn’t see any accidents which, considering the driving ability of Angelenos, I was surprised.

One thought on “WeHo Power Outtage Scoop”

  1. If you’re gonna be stuck somewhere during a blackout, it might as well be Canter’s. At least, you can sit in the dark and eat your matzoh ball soup.

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