Katrina Trickle Down Effect

Obviously Katrina has cities all over the country asking questions about their own disaster management plans and as has been suggested by everyone since this happened they are all coming up well below passing. An article on the United Transportation Union site talks about how unprepared we have been and what we might do in the future.

The chance that a tsunami might hit Los Angeles is a “remote possibility, but it is a real possibility,” Hahn said. She noted that in June, there was a brief “tsunami watch” issued for the California coast and said she discovered then that Los Angeles is ill-prepared to evacuate residents from the coast.

“We were not prepared on any level,” Hahn said. “We were not prepared to notify people, and we were not prepared to evacuate people.”

City officials said the plan should include a list of all residents in flood-prone areas and a way to notify them. Hahn also said signs should be prepared to mark evacuation routes from coastal areas.

On a more current note, apparently New Orleans evacuees here in Los Angeles are getting free MTA passes so they can get around town, and get on with their lives.