From Miracle Mile…

As Sean mentioned earlier, I called him about Miracle Mile/Wilshire being dark. In the building I work in, the emergency lights kicked in immediately afterward, but the mains were down. Oddly enough, we experienced a brownout a few minutes before the power went completely out.

Looking out the office windows, the traffic lights along Wilshire appeared to be operational, and sirens from fire engines could be heard, but many people were standing outside their respective buildings, wondering what to do until the power went back on, which happened just now.

It’s times like these that I’m glad I’ve got my Treo 650 and its wireless Internet connection. Guess which website I first turned to for information?

UPDATE: Just spoke to a colleague. Ralph’s was closed after the outage, which probably means that several other businesses were closed as well. Another colleague commented on how she couldn’t purchase anything because she pays for everything with her debit card, and that obviously requires power, and when I checked my wallet, I had less than $10.00 in bills on me. If the outage had lasted longer, and say, I drove today and needed to fill up my gas tank, I would’ve been screwed.

5 thoughts on “From Miracle Mile…”

  1. Lights on here in central City East Downtown Los Angeles. Theyt are back on.

    I am gonna have to get myself a wireless connection

  2. the lights just went back on at the e&y plaza at 7th and figueroa although building security says we are still on back up power.

  3. We had the double whammy, brownout then blackout a few minutes later near La Brea & Melrose, but the power came back in under a minute. (The first wave was just a dip, the second one was out, but brief.)

  4. Not having enough cash in your wallet during the age of computers just reminded me how important it is to have emergency *cash* on hand. Thanks for the reminder!!

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