Cause Of The Power Outage?

Regarding the cause of the power outage:

The Department of Water and Power said the outage was linked to the accidental cutting of a cable.


That must’ve been one crucial cable.

And it’s reassuring that the accidental cutting of *one* cable caused such a massive citywide power outage.


NBC4 updated their article:

The Office of Emergency Management said power officials told the agency that the outage was linked to the accidental cutting of a cable.


CNN reports this instead:

An official with the city Department of Water and Power said it appeared the problem began when two power receiving stations failed. That forced several larger generating stations to shut down, according to Robert Rozanski, chief administrative officer.


LA Observed is doing a great job of updating peeps on the sitch:

Mechanical failures at two Department of Water and Power receiving stations led to the loss of power shortly after 12:30 p.m., according to DWP officials speaking at a news conference. The outage began in the San Fernando Valley, where at least one of the stations is located, then spread to downtown, the Wilshire corridor and West Los Angeles around 1 p.m. Power was out for about half an hour in most places; as of 2 p.m., some parts of the city still were without power. LABJ 2:15 p.m.


NBC4 updated their article:

Los Angeles Department of Water and Power officials said an outage Monday afternoon was linked to human error at a receiving station. …

Workers connected the wrong wires, causing a surge of power that led to shutdowns at three power generating stations, according to officials. …

Ron Deaton, general manager of the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power, said the system is designed to shut down when it receives too much power.

“They connected it to another line that was not expecting that much electricity,” said Deaton.


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