Cause Of The Power Outage (Updated)?

I’m still reading conflicting reports on the the cause of today’s power outage.

CNN is reporting that the wrong line was cut:

About 700,000 electric customers in Los Angeles lost power Monday afternoon after a worker mistakenly cut a wrong line, triggering a cascade of problems in the city’s power grid, a spokesman for the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power said.

Meanwhile NBC4 is reporting that the wrong wires were connected:

Los Angeles Department of Water and Power officials said an outage Monday afternoon was linked to human error at a receiving station. …

Workers connected the wrong wires, causing a surge of power that led to shutdowns at three power generating stations, according to officials.

Funny that Ron Deaton, general manager of the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power, was quoted in both articles giving what appear to be conflicting reports.

UPDATE: NBC4 reported during its 11:00 PM newscast that it was the cutting of the wrong wire, coupled with the subsequent connection to the wrong wire, that caused the outage. So the BBC got it right (thanks, Miles!).

NBC also said the outage originated from the DWP’s North Hollywood location, which fits into what was reported at LA Observed:

The outage began in the San Fernando Valley, where at least one of the stations is located, then spread to downtown, the Wilshire corridor and West Los Angeles around 1 p.m.

4 thoughts on “Cause Of The Power Outage (Updated)?”

  1. Yeah I thought about the cause being a combination of the two, so it’s nice to see that the BBC is reporting that to apparently be the case.

  2. Well, the whole “mistaken-power-cables-causing-surge” makes it feel like this couldn’t be done with one cut wire.

    So either:
    1. That’s the more probably situation. I mean, one wire for all of LA?!
    2. Someone was reading and went, “Oh shiz, they’re on to us about this one wire thing. We better spin this before we get called out on our one-wire-is-cheaper-plan” or something.

    But, I somehow trust the DWP as LA was one of the places to not have that whole Edison gouging thing. Is DWP the good guys or just the lesser of two evils?

    Ack, long comment! Shut up Jeshii!

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