Alien seed pods

Seed pods (Click for larger version.) My wife Denyse, our poodle Pharaoh, and I were on a hike this morning when we came across these alien seed pods, possibly preparing for an invasion. No idea what’s going to hatch from them, but it will likely be slimy and hungry.

9 thoughts on “Alien seed pods”

  1. It definitely looks like castor bean. I am a botanist who works in the Santa Monica Mountains area.. this is one of the invasive weeds we track. I am guessing you may have been somewhere in the Hollywood Hills, it is common there, especially in Runyon Canyon. As someone mentioned earlier, it grows in disturbed areas such as roadslides or landslide areas. Although it is highly toxic, it is as not as big of a problem as some of the other weeds we have to deal with, such as star thistle or cape ivy.

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