More Earthquake Hand Wringing

Since this story, or some version of it, has been popping up in my RSS reader for a week now I thought it was about time I actually mentioned it here. The premise is that back in 2001 FEMA put together a list of the most likely / worst disasters that could hit the US. I haven’t seen the whole list but it starts off like this:

  1. Terrorist Attack in New York City
  2. Major Hurricane Hitting New Orleans
  3. Big Earthquake Occurring on the West Coast

You see where this is headed right? The first two have already happened. Just about every time we have a smaller quake around here someone eventually posts a reminder to be prepared in case we have a bigger one. Sometimes people make lists of things to remember to keep on hand and that’s about the end of it. I’m guessing people who lived through Northridge are a bit better about actually following through with some of those preps. But when I read quotes like this I can’t help but think more about it:

“The earthquake is an absolute certainty,” Lucile Jones, chief scientist for Southern California at the US Geological Survey, told AFP. “It is a question of when. It may happen tomorrow, next week, or next year, or any day in the 100 years.”

Luckily LA isn’t so much in harms way as our friends in San Francisco but that’s not saying much. There’s some great guides out there for things we should be doing, but what are you actually doing?

One thought on “More Earthquake Hand Wringing”

  1. “Lucile” Jones? I’ve lived here my whole life and she’s always been referred to as Lucy Jones! Now she’s all of a sudden “Lucile”? I don’t buy it.

    Anyway, as someone who has been through a number of quakes, and whose wife was at the epicenter for the 94 quake and saw everything come down around her (but survived), we sorta figure there may be another one but what are you gonna do? Nothing. We just hope we survive the next big one, and keep plenty of water in our earthquake kit. Today we added a hand-crank-powered flashlight.

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