Katrina Rescue Efforts – One Story

It’s easy to toss of blame to one group or another, but I think we can all agree that those who go into disaster areas to help other people, whether days late or not, are truly wonderful. It’s obvious that they do it out of respect and compassion for their fellow humans. It doesn’t matter who sent them, the fact that they’re there and able to do good work is commendable, to say the least. Brian Humphrey at the LAFD pointed to an article from The Signal (Santa Clarita Valley) about Brian LaBrie and his experience in New Orleans:

“One particularly difficult situation involved four children who were brought in without parents. The police department was overloaded at the time and was unable to do anything, LaBrie said.
ìUsually we would turn them over to the police department … we couldnít do that this time because there were too many of them. We had to put them on the bus and send them to the shelter.î
Many of the men have families of their own, so ìit was really hard for (them),î LaBrie said.”

Read the whole article: Local Firefighter Recounts Scene in New Orleans – ëItís the worst Iíve ever seen,í says rescue specialist Brian LaBrie.