Dengue Fever Hits Los Angeles (with Groovy results)

When I go out in Los Angeles to see a band play, more often than not I’m slightly disappointed in what I get. Lately it seems that most local bands are trying to be either the Happiest Pop Band on Earth or The Rolling Stones. Even in a city as diverse as LA, it’s sometimes hard to find interesting local music. And that’s why I love Dengue Fever oh so much. So much, in fact, that I think I’ve posted about them on here before, and I’m sure I’ll do it again if I can. Dengue Fever is a psychedelic Cambodian rock band. That’s right. Not only are they a Cambodian rock band, but they’re also a bunch of awesome musicians with varied and interesteing backgrounds. The singer, Chhom Nimol was a Cambodian Pop Star who regularly performed for her King and Queen. Their saxophonist (oh yes, there’s saxophone) is a former collaborator with Beck, and their bassist is Senon Williams of the Radar Brothers (maybe some of you caught them at Arthur Fest this last weekend?) Not to mention their possibly less known guitarist Zac Holtzman and drummer Paul Smith, who are awesome even if you haven’t heard of them. Put them together and get them playing 60’s inspired Bollywood-style grooves and you have one of the best nights out you’ll find in Los Angeles.
The group will be playing around in the next few weeks to promote their newest release, “Escape from Dragon House” and will have their record release party at The Scene in Glendale. Here’s a list of their dates that I know of…

Sun, Sept.11 Alex’s Bar 2913 E Anaheim Street,Long Beach,562.434.8292
Wed Sept. 14 The Scene 806 E Colorado Blvd. Glendale 818-241-7029
Thurs Sept. 15 Ameoba Records 7pm in Hollywood
ALSO: check out their website: