Biggest Art in BRC from LA

I think I can say that this picture is representative of the tallest piece of art at Burning Man – made by Angelinos. For those who didn’t make it to Black Rock City (BRC) you are looking at the Uberman – a man made of steel that stood blinking “Time for Pie” even after the central burning figure exploded in fireworks Saturday night. The uberman was seen from every corner of BRC even living 4 blocks from the esplanade – a testament to its height – which was taller than the burning man even on his labyrinth pedestal. If you missed ubie (as we affectionately called him) he may be making an appearance at the LA Decom. I’ll keep you posted.

3 thoughts on “Biggest Art in BRC from LA”

  1. no way. the biggest art at burningman was from los angeles, but it was not a steel man. it was an 80ft tall FLOWER, created as a collaboration between l.a.’s abundant sugar and the dolab. it was not only the tallest thing on the playa, it also moved, took passengers, played music (even LIVE music), hosted parties, sprayed mist, and cast immeasurable amounts of magic and light over everyone who came upon it.

  2. yeah, you’re right. The flower was totally amazing! I saw it the night it was kissing the man. And then there was the 108 foot ladder you could climb. I stand corrected. Still LA Burners create amazing art don’tcha agree?

  3. The fact that so much of that came out of the Brewery (Gigsville and Abundant Sugar have at least some folks there, and Do Lab isn’t too far away) is just amazing.

    Seeing the kids from the Mutaytor projecting their faces onto the head of the uber-man and doing jackass kareoke on it was hilarious, too.

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