Rolling the dice

If you’re curious where one of the next big disasters exacerbated by governmental fuckup will be, look no farther than a little ways east of L.A. in the San Bernardino Mountains.

You might recall a couple of years ago when the mountains caught on fire. Just in case, here’s a picture to jog your memory:

(image from this ESRI article)

The U.S. Congress, going against the advice of both the U.S. Forest Service and local government, has decided to again cut spending on getting rid of all the dead and diseased trees out there. You know, the ones that caught on fire. As that Lake Arrowhead Mountain-News article says, ‘Officials in the nation’s capitol are gambling the worst-case scenario will not come to be, fresh on the heels of the 2003 Old Fire that ravaged our area.’

Because gambling worked so well last time.

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