MirrorMask Screenings…

Author extraordinaire (and Ditty Bops fan) Neil Gaiman mentioned the following regarding screenings of MirrorMask:

It’s going out into selected theatres because it was a very low-budget family movie that really only made it into any theatres because it was selected for, and got a great reception at, Sundance. Having said that, now that it has been put into selected theatres, if you can, if you’re near enough, please go and see it during that first week — the powers that be will pay a lot of attention to how much money per screen it makes, and being released in a limited way is fine if Sony decide to keep showing it and slowly roll it out to more screens (like Amelie, or March of the Penguins) but is a bit more problematic if they don’t support it, or people don’t come out and see it (like Princess Mononoke, or Kung Fu Hustle, both of which I thought could have done with a lot more support than they got).

Really at this point it’s up to Sony how MirrorMask does, assuming that people can find it and enjoy it.

Locally, MirrorMask will be screening at the following theatres starting on September 30th:

Edwards University Town Center 6
Irvine, CA

Landmark Nuart Theatre
Los Angeles, CA

2 thoughts on “MirrorMask Screenings…”

  1. He also has some readings/signings coming up in LA on October 1 and 2. I’m so pissed because I’ll be in LA during his NY stuff, and in NY during his LA stuff. I guess my life just isn’t Neil Gaiman-friendly.

  2. I saw MirrorMask when I was in Locarno, and it is MAGICAL. Sorry to see they won’t give it a wider release. I’ll go see it again and do my part.

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