Hot Gardeners?

On a given morning, there’s a fair number of hired help who are in residential neighborhoods and doing yard work outside people’s houses. And usually they’re male and of Spanish/Hispanic/Latino origin.

But this morning I saw something completely different and altogether surreal.

On my semi-usual drive to my carpool friend’s house, I saw two very attractive girls doing yard work! Facially-speaking, they resembled Jessica Alba, and age-wise, I’d say they were in their late teens or early twenties. They also wore sunglasses, matching orange caps, and tight-fitting sleeveless orange shirts. For a split-second, I thought they were the residents of the house, but then I saw the unmarked black Toyota pickup that was parked out in front with some yard tools stowed away.

I was tempted to pull over to chat to them about how unique this situation was, but I was running a bit late. I also thought about just pulling over and asking, “How much?” but figured that would’ve been misinterpreted.

Still, I suppose if there’s a valet service that uses hot women to park cars, then anything’s possible.

(Funny enough, every guy I’ve talked to about this has asked if I got any photos of them, and the answer is no.)

5 thoughts on “Hot Gardeners?”

  1. Be careful. Last time I wrote about gardners I got all kinds of comments of people generally misinterpreting what I wrote.

    Maybe those girls were someone’s daughter? My uncle is a gardener and I know sometimes he takes my cousins to help him out. They’re cute girls, but I doubt they try to look cute while pulling weeds.

  2. The fact that they wore matching outfits (and orange to boot) and drove an unmarked black pickup truck seemed to indicate that they were hired help.

  3. I’ve seen services that hire Russian and Ukrainian women to clean houses. But in Pasadena, there are a lot of gardening services that are run by Pasadena matrons–Daisy Digger, etc.

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