Hotel Cafe Fundraisers…

The Hotel Cafe (previously mentioned here and here), is holding a series of fundraisers for the victims of Hurricane Katrina, with all door proceeds going to the American Red Cross:

Sunday, September 11th: Jenni Alpert, AM, Sara Bareilles, Clarence Bucaro, Buddy, C Duck & Nate, Randy Coleman, Tim Jones, Gabriel Mann, Jay Nash, Paper Sun, Chris Pierce, Amber Rubarth, Keaton Simons, Dawn Thomas, Andrew Paul Woodworth.

Monday, September 19th: 50 Cent Haircut, Coby Brown, Thom Chacon, Tim Easton, Rob Giles, Kid Lightning, Knifeyhead, Kat Parsons, Joe Purdy, Steve Reynolds, Keram Malicki Sanchez, Libbie Schrader, Charley Turner, Waz, Wisely.

Monday, September 26th: Shawn Amos, Chris and Thomas, Tim Jones, Grant Langston, Melson, Paper Sun, Pawnshop Kings, Abba Roland, Shark, Kathrin Shorr, and more!