BBQ at Kevin’s!

bbq.jpgWell, if you throw down the loot to win the auction that is. It’s a damn cool idea actually – Kevin Smith and the folks at ViewAskew are holding some auctions with the proceeds going to the Red Cross. The BBQ in LA at Kevin’s house looks like the main thing, but you can bid on other stuff like a walk on in Clerks 2 or a box of every t-shirt they sell in the store have in the stash. But this gets better, whatever the auctions go for, Kevin will match that with his own donation. The auctions runs for another 10 days or so but it looks like this is going to bring in at least $20K for the Katrina victims. I don’t think I’m going to have the cash to win the BBQ invite myself but no worries – I’m going to just get a giant card board cut out of this photo of Kevin hangin’ by the grill and and auction off invites to kick it with me and cardboard Kevin on my porch.

Here’s the ViewAskew Katrina benefit auctions if you are so inclined.