Walk of Fame more of a joke than ever

This is one of those topics that keeps resurfacing and gets worse every time. If you thought it was bad when Seacrest got a star, and you cringed when Disneyland basically turned the stars into ads, then you are going to love this news. Better sit down before I say this… The Hollywood Reporter is getting it’s own star. For the love of all that is holy will this ever end? Personally, I don’t think it will and my only recourse is to start gathering support and funds to buy Defamer a star as well. I wonder how much extra we’d have to fork over to secure the space right next to the Reporter’s star?

6 thoughts on “Walk of Fame more of a joke than ever”

  1. Hasn’t it always been about the marketing though? Spend $15,000 (IIRC), time it so you get your star (and media coverage) when a big project of yours is coming out, and that’s that.

    I like the idea of buying a star, but for us instead. :)

  2. You’re correct Robert, it’s all a marketing ploy overseen by ringmaster Johnny Grant. It’s all about money, connections, and what “property” you’re shilling at the moment.

  3. Rodney Bingenheimer tried to get his star, and KROQ helped by doing a “Rodney On the Walk” fundraiser. I feel he should have got a star. He’s been a hugh influence in the music industry – mainly in the ’80s and early 90’s.

    From the CityBeat article: ìNo one is trying to keep Rodney out, but we can only accept so many people a year,î Grant explains. ìHe just didnít get enough votes.î

    It begs the question – Just how many votes are needed? And by whom?

  4. In itself, Rodney’s lack of a star shows what a sham this is. That Seacrest would get one instead should raise civil questions regarding the defacement of a public walkway.

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