LA Taxi Fares Increasing (Update)?

Updating last week’s news about taxi fares possibly increasing:

he Los Angeles City Council, deciding further study was needed, delayed a vote Tuesday on a proposal to increase taxi fares by 10 percent.

The proposal would also allow drivers to charge an additional 50 cents to cover rising gas prices. If approved, it would be the third taxi fare hike approved by the panel since 2000 and would be phased in over six months, according to a report from the city’s Department of Transportation.

The current fare of $2 for the first one-tenth of a mile would increase to $2.10 for the first seventh of a mile for a six-month period, according to the report. The fare would then increase to $2.20 for the first eleventh of a mile after that.

The 50-cent charge would be tacked on when the monthly average price of gasoline is $2.73 or more, according to the DOT report, which was prepared well before Hurricane Katrina sent already rising gas prices soaring nationwide.

A $1 charge would be added if gas prices reach $3.28 per gallon or more.