wtf is going on at Star 98.7?

Either everyone at Star 98.7 is taking a long weekend and their pre-programmed feed is messed up, or the station got hacked by pirates. There have been no DJ’s all weekend as far as I can tell, and it’s been crazy for the past three days with skipping songs, dead air, weird cellphone conversations cutting in and other atypical and erratic programming. Anyone know what’s up?

(Oh, and let’s just assume that I know how much the top 40 format sucks. It’s a guilty pleasure sometimes; like eating french fries for lunch or buying matchbox cars at Ralph’s even though I’m 34.)

*Update: It’s some kind of stunt. The website is weird too. Wil, you may be right.

10 thoughts on “wtf is going on at Star 98.7?”

  1. Who knows what Clear Channel is up to. I listen to Star and enjoy a lot of it. Jamie White is a sexy, yet annoying, little train wreck — and it is a guilty pleasure. I endured Frosty and Frank, I lived through Boanduce’s melt-downs. But my morning wouldn’t be quite the same without Jamie and her partners du jour. If they go, I’m going to XM full time.

  2. I’m not sure why that page is up there, but if you just go to the site looks fine. Did anyone ever figure out what happened? I’d personally like to see Star go away completely – although they have good songs “occasionally”

  3. I am a Star 98.7 finatic, and they are going to lose me! I really don’t like the new format, the loss of everybody working there, and what’s up with “More VARIETY!”? I can listen to variety by switching between pre-sets. I liked the old star!

  4. Personally I’m glad to see Jason and Lisa gone, I love listening to the morning show but the afternoon show drove me to get a car adapter for my ipod. Lisa’s voice drove me up the wall.

  5. what? jamie is the one with a f-up voice…i can’t stand it in the morning…but i love jason and lisa

  6. What happened to STAR???? I was gone for about a month and practically everything is differnt!
    What happened to Jason and Lisa? Why were they fired?

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