Project Aid Katrina Victims Package Goods Drop-off

A friend of mine sent out this email below regarding a food drive for those affected by Katrina today on Cahuenga between Hollywood and Sunset from 12-9pm…

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

In response to the overwhelming need of the victims of Hurricane Katrina in the areas of Louisiana, Alabama, and Mississippi, we have formed an independent coalition here in Los Angeles, Project Aid Katrina Victims (PAK-V).

Our purpose is to collect and package goods to be sent directly to the shelters and victims. We feel this is a quick response to the victims’ needs.

One of our first destination shelters is located in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Volunteer Baton Rouge
Blythe Daigle: 460 N. 11th Street, Baton Rouge, LA 70802

Our drive starts immediately…

Items and/or packs can be dropped off
Monday, September 5, 12-9 pm

more dates tbd

Location: Trapo
1542 Cahuenga Blvd. (between Hollywood and Sunset)
Hollywood, CA 90028

Ideally, we need tote bags already filled with the following:

underwear (boxer shorts) (packaged)
mosquito repellant
tampons/sanitary napkins
socks (one size packaged)
t-shirts or tank tops (packaged)
flipflops (non-sized)
brushes/combs/hair ties
Neosporin and bandaids

For additional information, please email or call Gianna, 310.428.6318 or Racquel, 323.464.5913

One thought on “Project Aid Katrina Victims Package Goods Drop-off”

  1. There is a a great article on BoingBoing from Erik V. Olsen making it clear why sending money is far better than individual goods.

    Often times, small and non-standardized items that are not palletized and that arrive from unknown entities without formally established in advance distribution channels (government or non-government), the items are likely to be sent to the landfill post haste.

    I know that’s hard to swallow, but when a can of deodorant explodes or shampoo leaks in a non-palletized load jumble of goods from an unknown source, the only real option is to use up staff *that could otherwise be helping people* to pack it up and send it to the dump.

    It may seem cold and heartless, but money is the best.


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