Smog Capital Of America, Again!


The Los Angeles area is probably going to reclaim its dubious title as the smog capital of America.

Although air quality has been relatively good so far this summer, the Southland has had 76 “smoggy days” under the nation’s new and stronger ozone standards, compared to only 41 bad-air days in Houston and 61 in the San Joaquin Valley, the Daily News newspaper reported.

“With 76 days, you’re talking about two months of the year with bad air,” Bonnie Holmes-Gen of the American Lung Association of California told the newspaper. …

After 20 years of pollution-control efforts that reduced the number of smoggy days from nearly 200, smog has been about the same in recent years.

Local air has been cleaner than in 2003, but worse than last year, when the area recorded the best air quality since air pollution records began being recorded.

With 82 smoggy days last year, the San Joaquin Valley had the most bad air days exceeding the country’s new ozone limit. But metropolitan Los Angeles has had the most smoggy days under both standards this year, the newspaper reported.