LA Taxi Fares Increasing?

Channel 4 News reports that taxi fares could soon increase:

Riding a taxi in Los Angeles may soon cost a little more, if a motion scheduled for a City Council vote Tuesday is approved.

Taxi fares would increase by 10 percent, and drivers could charge an additional 50 cents to cover rising gas prices.

It would be the third taxi fare hike approved by the panel since 2000 and would be phased in two stages, according to a report from the city’s Department of Transportation.

The current fare of $2 for the first one-tenth of a mile would increase to $2.10 for the first seventh of a mile for a six-month period, according to the report. The fare would then increase to $2.20 for the first 11th of a mile after that.

The 50-cent charge would be tacked on when the monthly average price of gasoline is $2.73 or more, according to the DOT report, which was prepared well before Hurricane Katrina sent already rising gas prices soaring nationwide.

A $1 charge would be added if gas prices reach $3.28 per gallon or more.

UPDATE: The vote’s been delayed.

3 thoughts on “LA Taxi Fares Increasing?”

  1. I agree with the gas price increase… but I think LA taxi cabs are long overdue to have a “passenger bill of rights” imposed similar to the ones in New York, where the list is posted in the back seat of every vehicle.
    Maybe some of the same regulations are the same, but posting these rules I think might combat the bad customer service that plagues the LA taxi community.

    Here’s what’s posted clearly in each NY City cab:

    As a taxi rider, you have the right to:
    *Direct the destination and route used;
    *Travel to any destination in the five boroughs of the City of New York;
    *A courteous, English-speaking driver who knows the streets in Manhattan and the way to major destinations in other boroughs;
    *A driver who knows and obeys all traffic laws;
    *Air-conditioning on demand;
    *A radio-free (silent) trip;
    *Smoke and incense-free air;
    *A clean passenger seat area;
    *A clean trunk
    *A driver who uses the horn only when necessary to warn of danger; and
    *Refuse to tip, if the above are not complied with.


  2. Well, the attempted wussification of New York City continues apace. “Radio-free”? Jesus.

    They don’t know how good they’ve got it. Give me a city with enough transportation options to be able to live easily without a car, and I’ll gladly smell incense and listen to Hot 97 every now and then.

  3. My taxi fees, what I pay to the taxi company, are going up. I will soon be paying $585.00 a week. Add to that the almost $4.00 I pay when I pickup at the airport; the 5% I lose on every credit card then add the $30-$40 per day for gas and I think I’ll play my radio!!!

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