A Santee Alley Update…

Here’s an update on the Santee Alley sitch:

Police who arrested a man for allegedly selling pirated DVDs out of the trunk of his car in downtown Los Angeles also recovered a revolver and drugs, a film industry agency official said Friday.

“This is just another example of how serious criminals are profiting from the illegal sales of DVDs,” said Dan Glickman, president of the Motion Picture Association of America. “These type of operations are supporting networks of drugs and guns that are not what we want on our streets,” he said.

A half-dozen DVD “pirates” have been arrested in the Los Angeles area in the last two days, according to the MPAA. …

Jose Maria Trujillo, 29, was arrested Thursday afternoon just off Santee Alley in the downtown fashion district between Maple Avenue and 12th Street by LAPD vice officers, Officer Jason Lee confirmed.

According to the MPAA, more than 2,000 pirated DVDS, six bundles of powder cocaine, almost an ounce of marijuana and a .32-caliber revolver were seized from Trujillo upon his arrest.

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One thought on “A Santee Alley Update…”

  1. Leave it to Glickman to do the piracy = guns ‘n drugs thing. They love to equate it with terrorism, illicit sex and killing small puppies too.

    I’m not saying Trujillo was a cool dude, only that you’ll probably find a lot of guns, coke, pot, and money in the possesion of any number of studio executives.

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