3 thoughts on “New Orleans Benefit”

  1. Has anybody heard anything about Alex Chilton? I know I’ve seen things on a few sites about Fats Domino, but somebody posted the following on myspace, and I haven’t been able to google anything that backs it up:

    Alex Chilton would not leave his house in New Orleans. A fist fight ensued, and Alex gave the keys to his truck to a couple of friends who came to get him. Alex is nowhere to be seen and he was in a location that’s not looking too good.

  2. Mark – A few reasons actually. First off I’ve got a not in to Cafe Press asking them to forgo their commision on these shirts and sell them to me at flat cost so that won’t be an issue. Secondly, I wanted to do something that directly benefited the people I know. Donating to the Red Cross is a great idea and I know many people are doing that as well, but with these shirts I wanted people to know exactly where the money was going.

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