Pigeon Doom

If I happen to get another life after this one, I am now, as of this morning, hoping specifically for it to *not* be as a pigeon. This revelation occured to me on the freeway after there was a sudden explosion of feathers around the SUV in the lane forward and to my right, with subsequent bouncing bird carcass flying by. Yikes.

LAFD lends help to Hurricane Katrina victims

I know a lot of people have been following the situation in New Orleans and surrounding areas in the path of Katrina. Brian Humphrey just posted to the LAFD News & Information Blog that some LA Firefighters are on their way to help out where needed:

“In response to a formal request made through the California Governor’s Office of Emergency Services, the Los Angeles Fire Department is mobilizing a cadre of specially-trained Firefighters to assist Gulf Coast residents afflicted by Hurricane Katrina.

These fourteen specially-trained Los Angeles Firefighters, four LAFD vehicles, three inflatable boats, technical rescue equipment and supplies are prepared to depart for a yet-to-be specified locale via military air transport.”

I’m sure there’s help pouring in from all over the country, as there was last year in Florida, but it’s cool to see this on the local level as well.

steveslist > los angeles > missed connections

Steven over at The Sneeze just wrote the best thing I’ve read in months. He’s created his own missed connections, like this one:

how do you like them apples?
Reply to: [email protected]
Date: 2005-08-29, 1:11PM PDT

I know you’ll never see this, but we met in front of the apple bin at Ralphs’ Supermarket in Studio City. You let out the sweetest giggle when we reached for the same apple, but i was too shy to talk to you.

If, by chance, you do read this– i just had to tell you… I really wanted that fucking apple.

I hope you choke on it, you selfish whore.

Wow, these are all amazing. Thanks for the link Coop!

Looks like we’re not the only ones asking questions about Sunset Junction

There’s a piece in this week’s an old LA Weekly asking many of the same questions we are. Thanks to the anonymous friend who tipped me off to it. The story is called “Fair Questions” and it’s about the lack of info about the finances of the fair, and the lack of communication between the people putting it on and the people it’s effecting.

“The man with the answers was fair organizer Michael McKinley, who operates a private nonprofit organization, the Sunset Junction Neighborhood Alliance, largely on proceeds from the fair. McKinley showed up 90 minutes late, and promptly turned hostile in the face of repeated queries.

Also on hand was Conrado Terrazas, aide to Councilwoman Jackie Goldberg. But Terrazas ducked out of the meeting just before McKinley arrived, leaving the assembly frustrated and grumbling.

Richard Miller, owner of Filamco Sewing Center on Sunset Boulevard, pressed McKinley for answers. “A lot of community members don’t know what is going on,” Miller said. “I don’t see trash picked up. You say youth programs, but I don’t know where the money is going.””

I wonder if these questions are legitimate now that a “print publication” is asking them, or are they just whining yuppies too? I wonder if all the people who fill up our comments talking smack using fake names will wear makes to hide their identity and go picket the LA Weekly offices for running a story that doesn’t just say “Tha’ Junction Rulez, Bro!”

The Evolution of “Revolution to Evolution”

A while back I posted about Graffiti Archeology. I’ve been fascinated by the mural called Revolution to Evolution on Susy’s Market on Santa Monica Blvd. at Madison since it became part of my regular commute about four years ago. Though I’d heard of Zapata and was aware of him in the larger sense and had seen photos of him and his iconic big hat, I’d never seen images of the Zapatistas before … at least not like that. The painting of a woman in a purple ski mask carrying a baby was rather startling to me. And I guess that’s what was great about the mural, because it made me go learn more.

Since I’m often sitting at this stoplight on my way home, I get to look at the mural and ponder it. I’ve also witnessed its evolution. There was tagging, but it was usually cleaned up. Though it wasn’t a good clean up job, at least the defacing didn’t actually cover the faces. Then earlier this year (sometime around May) an advertising board was placed over a large part of the Madison-facing wall – covering a good part of Zapata’s portrait (though not his face). Then last week I noticed that suddenly the heads of the Zapatistas were knocked over. (– photo from Fire Monkey Fish on 2/27/2005)
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L.A. radio suckitude, the sequel

As I usually drive around with my iPod hooked up to my stereo, I don’t spend a lot of time listening to L.A. radio anymore, at least when I’m in my own car. Today I had to run errands that would involve me being in the car for less than half an hour, and I had my hands full, so I left the iPod home. As I was listening, Sean’s previous post about Los Angeles radio stations sucking kept coming to mind. Then I’d switch stations, and usually would find something that didn’t suck (except on KDAY, which was playing R&B. Not hip-hop. Come on now.)

I flipped over to KROQ, which started playing the horrendously-overplayed-even-in-drugstores “My Doorbell” by the White Stripes. Due to being in the presence of other humans who were controlling the radio dial, I’ve heard it 9832987987 times in the last three days, so I switched to Indie 103, which was playing… the exact same song, about 20 seconds behind KROQ. After amusing myself by switching back and forth between the two for a few seconds, I really, really wished I’d brought the iPod.

The SG DVD Release Party


Suicide Girls is having two events promoting the release of SuicideGirls Live: The First Tour DVD. It documents their 9,000 mile tour around the country, where they performed 60 sold-out burlesque shows in 45 cities. Boasting one of the only sites on the entire interweb that actually provides content worthy of a membership fee, SG continues to boost their brand in unconventional, but entirely kickass ways.

More details after the jump…

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Suggestions for Sunset Junction

Earlier I complained about the disregard for the locals that comes with Sunset Junction and Cybele just made an amazing comment full of suggestions so I thought it deserved it’s own post so as not to be overlooked. Her list:

1. Publicize ways to get to the street fair. The biggest complaint locals have is the parking congestion and drunk folks puking on their front lawns. That means put a page or links on their webspace that shows good places to park (hell, even arrange some distant lots and shuttles) as well as info on public transportation options.

2. Be more transparent about where that $10 “donation” goes.

3. Be more conscientious about the neighbors and their desire for peace and quiet – this means figuring out a way to set up and break down the fair with a minimum of noise and interruption.

4. Communicate more with the people in the neighborhood. Inform them of street closure hours ahead of time.

5. Put up a map of the festival – where are the entrances/exits? What are the rules? If you’re going to hassle people about pets or cameras or strollers – please put it on the website. If you require ID for folks to drink or go near the places where alcohol is sold, make sure people know that. Some of us think that we look old enough to drink and even if we’re not buying we should be able to stand next to someone who is.

Fox News creates terror

On a Fox News broadcast a few weeks ago, a former U.S. prosecutor gave out the name and address of a Middle Eastern man who was identified as a terrorist. The address in La Habra was the correct one for the man – three years ago. Now the family who lives there is being terrorized by passersby and Fox isn’t doing much in the way of apologizing.

Apparently Fox and the former prosecutor have issued one-liner apologies, but they’re akin to making a small retraction on page 10 of a newspaper after the major facts in a front-page story were discovered to be false. Now a Los Angeles-area family has to suffer the consequences of a lack of fact-checking. A highlight? Someone spray-painted “Terrist” on their house.

The family wants a correction and public apology. Maybe Fox thinks that a public apology would mean that the “terrists” have already won.

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Fancy Crosswalks Not Just for Filipinos

stampedsidwalk.jpgReader Jory commented on my post about the decorative crosswalks in HiFi to point out that they’ve got something similar in Atwater, though judging from the comments in this thread they’re not going over very well. But it also reminded me that there’s at least on other decorative crosswalk (pictured here) at the intersection of Mellrose and Highland for quite some time. I guess the ones here in HiFi weren’t really a first, although perhaps the fact that they’re customized for the neighborhood is a first. Anybody else have fancy street crossing zones to point out?