2005_08_01_hydesim.gifBoing Boing linked to a new Google Maps hack called HYDESim:

HYDESim maps overpressure radii generated by a ground-level detonation; these radii are an indicator of structural damage to buildings. No other effects, such as thermal damage or fallout levels, are included in this tool. Note that the displayed rings are “idealized”; that is, no account is taken of terrain, urban density, ground type, weather conditions, and so on.

I switched the pulldown menu for “Named Location” from New York City to Los Angeles, and with the default of a 100 KT yield, Sean and Caryn, I’m sorry to say that it would take out (the soon-to-be former location of) Sixspace.

More Road Rage…

A friend and frequent B.la commenter, Mr. Hooks, provided the following incident that occurred this morning during his commute to work:

I was driving to work on the 91 west, and right around the 710 interchange or just after, I notice a gold Accord tailgating a dark green Acura. I’m not sure what started it, if the Acura guy cut off the Accord guy, or if the Accord guy is just pissed off that the Acura guy wasn’t driving fast enough, but this goes on for awhile. Then suddenly the Acura zips across two lanes, right in between two semis, and books it to the next off ramp. The Accord guy follows, pulls up next to the Acura, and throws a big 64-ounce plastic cup full of water out the driver-side window and over his own car to hit the Acura. Then he pulls onto the off ramp and chases the Acura off the freeway.

If I wasn’t already late for work, and in the fast lane, I might have been interested in following them. :D

Meanwhile, the only exciting thing that happened to me, apart from being *this close* to being involved in yet another accident, is seeing the rear hatch of a minivan *pop open*! Thankfully, this was on surface streets, but the funny part was that the driver didn’t pull over to shut the hatch shut. I suppose s/he and her/his passenger were too oblivious to notice the sudden blast of noise coming from the rear of the car!

LA added to Gastro-Art collection

The folks at monochrom have updated their Gastro-Art collection, that being a gallery of images of art hanging in restaurants worldwide. While there were in here in town I made sure to take them by Real Food Daily if for now other reason than so they could see the hand painted plates on the walls. Interestingly enough RFD is about to do a remodel and the plates aren’t part of the bigger picture so they have been selling them off for the past few month. The most famous one which pictures a butt taking a big bite of a hamburger was still available last time we were there, but even it it’s since been sold it’s now permanently archived on gastrokunst!

The American Dream pt 1: The Adventure Begins

Back in January of this year London metroblogger Vikki’s father was in LA for two weeks on holiday. His name is Dennis and he kept a diary of the entire trip. Each day for the next 14 days or so I’ll be posting an entry from that diary as it’s always interesting to hear an outsiders perspective of our city. Unless you hate this kind of thing, in which case I’d advise skipping any entries with “The American Dream” in the title for the next few days. These entries were written by him, not me. Here goes…

Woke up very early 4.00am, maybe its excitement who knows, this time tomorrow I will be in Los Angeles. Anyway it gives me more time to finish off my packing etc. Woke up my chauffeur (Richard, my oldest son) at 7.15am and we started out for Heathrow. The traffic was unbelievably light and I was at the check in so early that they checked me in and gave me my boarding card but I had to wait a further 30 minutes before I could check in my baggage.
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I just spent the day in San Francisco. It was a gorgeous day all sunny and foggy at the same time. However, I can’t wait to leave. I can’t wait to get home to Los Angeles. I’m leaving the Bay Area early because, although it’s a beautiful city, full of exciting and wonderful people and shops, one day is enough for me. I miss my moist LA air, fabulous sunsets, the wide open space. I’m coming home baby! Don’t wait up for me.

From abLA :: Keys

We get the new gallery keys today and I’m a mixture of excited, nervous, and a bit tired. Blogging should be normal but there might be more mentioning of drywall and painting racks than usual. Ah, custom painting racks…