You know big media is in trouble when…

I just called the LA Times Subscriber Service to change my 3-day/week (Fri-Sun) paper to Sunday only. It wasn’t the cost (I’m currently paying $1/week for three papers, delivered); it was more that I’ve not had time recently to properly consume all of my alt media AND read the paper.

The customer service rep said if I would keep the 3-day, he could lower my cost to 75¢/week, but if I went down to Sunday only, my cost would go up to $1.50/wk.


They’re trying to increase their circulation rates because…he trailed off.

Rrright. So basically, they’ll pay me 75¢/wk to NOT read the paper they’re telling their advertisers I’m reading.

I don’t know much about a lot of things, but I do know that if I were in the newspaper business, I’d be very, very nervous.

3 thoughts on “You know big media is in trouble when…”

  1. Newspapers make more money from advertising dollars than subscriptions, and ad rates are determined by circulation numbers. So taking The Times three times a week instead of one means the paper can keep its circulation numbers — and ad rates — up. The paper actually makes more money — and they’ll offer you a subscription for 75¢ a week to ensure it. Clever.

  2. I cancelled mine not too long ago for the same reason and now they will not leave me alone. They call me almost every day to get me to resubscribe. And they outsource to more than one telemarketing agency so even if you turn down one another one will call you. Ugh. I’m annoyed that I ever subscribed to begin with.

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