That 101 Center Divider…


Yesterday morning, during the drive to work, my carpooling friends and I all noticed that the concrete barricades protecting the construction of the new center divider along the 101 Freeway between the 134 Freeway and Barham have finally disappeared (this was along the southbound side, so I’m not 100% sure if they’ve also been removed but the barricades are still there along the northbound side).

There’s certainly been a lot of work involved in putting this new divider up. It had been under construction for so many months that I’ve since forgotten what was there before, let alone why this new one has been constructed.

One thought on “That 101 Center Divider…”

  1. Is it me or did these stay up _way_ longer than the ones closer to downtown as they replaced the steel rail with the cement divider?

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