Everything Old is New Again

bla-atandt.gifFor those of you old enough to remember when phones actually had real bells in them, you’ll remember old Ma Bell. The American Telephone and Telegraph Company.

You’ll also remember when it was broken up into all the baby bells. And then they started to put themselves back together again. Pacific Bell got swallowed up by Southwestern Bell and became SBC, after all. Then they took over Ameritech (which was once Ohio Bell, Wisconsin Bell … most of the midwest bells) … pretty soon the whole country again as it’s eaten up its mother. (here’s some history of that)

It’s not really that bad. I have to admit in the past 20 years a long distance call has come way down in price, though the new taxes (or fees or whatever you call those) kind of balance it all out.

Yes, SBC will soon be AT&T. (found via om blog)

3 thoughts on “Everything Old is New Again”

  1. I think I have lived in 4 different “Bells”…but I know what you mean. Oh, no…Hawaii was GET Hawaiian Tel…’twasn’t a bell. I was waiting for “Pacific Regional Eastside Seattle Suburb of Queen Anne” bell. Never quite happened. I think OmniBell is next.

  2. I received my ONE wristbands the other day in the mail. I was wearing it in a store and the cashier asked me what it meant. I told her and she promised me that she would go home that night and sign the petition and pass it on to her contacts. We gave each other a high five and now I KNOW the wristbands work! Yay!!

  3. Online petitions are a joke and a waste of time. They carrym no weight, are easily susceptible to fraud and are a waste of email bandwidth. And yet they persist because deluded people insist on passing them around.

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