Your Big Break (Kind of)

If you spend much time in any busy are of Hollywood, you’ve probably been hounded by people trying to put you in a studio audience for some crappy sitcom. They’re all over Mann’s, grabbing up tourists by the handful. I’ve never done that, but from what I’ve heard it sucks. What I have done is be in the studio audience for a talk show (specifically, Conan O’Brien and Jimmy Kimmel), which was great because, at least in the case of Kimmel’s show, I went to see a specific band and they play way more than what gets broadcast. Plus, you might get to be on TV which the folks seem to think is pretty neat. Apparently, Last Call with Carson Daly is moving to Los Angeles, and they book some pretty good music too. Upcoming bands include The Bravery, The Donnas and Kanye West. 1 Iota does the ticketing for a Last Call and a bunch of other stuff, including Kimmel, Weekends at the DL and Mind of Mencia. If you’re a freaky superfan that has to see every performance of your favorite artist, I totally recommend Kimmel’s show. Tickets go fast, though, so get in early.

One thought on “Your Big Break (Kind of)”

  1. They would have to pay me at the very least $1,000 to sit through 5 minutes of Carson Daly.

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