Time for a New Coffee Shop

A comment was made today on a post Sean made last year about the delicious banana espresso smoothies at Silver Lake Coffee.

I still love the espresso-banana smoothies at this place, but that’s the only reason I go there (infrequently) anymore. I think it changed ownership about a year ago, and since then it’s gone downhill. The wireless and computer servies are inconsistent, the food isn’t as good as it used to be, and the staff is inconsistent. Save your money.

Unfortunately, what this commentor says is the truth. As much as it pains me to say it, Silver Lake Coffee has gone way down the tubes. Once my favorite spot in town to get a Chai Latte, the aformentioned banana espresso smoothie, and other coffee delights, it’s now simply mediocre if not horrible. Inside sources (i.e. former workers who I got to know by frequenting the place so much) have told me that it is indeed the new owners that have caused this lack of quality and disservice. Thus, these sources don’t work there anymore. And it’s bad. Now my Chai Lattes are nothing more than warm soy milk and a smoothie I had the other day tasted like cardboard. I wish I could say it was a one-time deal but it’s not. I mean, when Starbucks make a hella better latte, you know shit’s going downhill.

4 thoughts on “Time for a New Coffee Shop”

  1. I’ve felt that way for at least two years. When they first opened I felt the had the best coffee, the best tea in Silverlake. Ample parking, laid back atmosphere.

    Then last year the staff stopped caring. They smoke at the back door or wander off into the parking lot and crank up the music so they can hear it outside but you can’t carry on a conversation inside. The tables aren’t bussed. They stopped having a consistent selection of tea … I could go on and on. I complained on more than one occasion but no one cared so I haven’t been back.

  2. Watch your mouth about Starbucks. A properly trained Starbucks barista is just as good as anywhere else. I hate getting a bad rap and called a “corporate shill” by indie baristas. I make good coffee and I respect indie shops, as long as they’re run properly.

  3. i do go there sometimes, for the sheer convenience, but i can’t contest some of the comments. my favorite ghetto thing about that place is the way they put the sample sandwich plates in the display case, complete with actual salad that then gets all wilted and nasty. makes ya go. . . Yum!

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