Coyote Warning

Just got this e-warning from West Hollywood’s Heavy Petting Pet Boutique about Coyotes in the area and thought I’d pass it on:

coyote2.jpgPLEASE be aware of your surroundings when walking your dog at all times! Within the past couple of weeks, he have been told of FOUR dogs which were taken and/or killed by coyotes. In one case the incident happened in Hollywood SOUTH of Sunset Boulevard.

Humans have encroached on the coyotes’ hunting grounds and, in the heat of the summer, food is scarce and the coyotes seem to have moved south out of the hills. Coyotes are smart and very fast – and not afraid of people. Your dog (or cat for that matter!) is just an easy meal to them.

In one case, a man walking two small dogs saw a coyote on the street ahead of him. He picked up one dog and, while he was picking it up, ANOTHER coyote came out from under a car nearby and seized the other dog and carried it off. In another case, a coyote had gotten into a FENCED yard and took a terrier while the owner’s back was turned for a SECOND to slide closed the sliding glass doors. And remember, if there is more than one coyote, a larger dog may not be safe – one of the dogs killed weighed about 50 pounds.

If you must let your dogs out in your back yard, PLEASE check your fences for holes dug by coyotes or tears/breaks in the fence and do NOT let them out unsupervised — even for a minute. Also, remember that coyotes can leap and climb. If you walk your dogs, especially if you do so at dusk or in the early morning, and ESPECIALLY if you are in Hollywood north of Sunset, in Bronson, Nichols, Laurel or other canyons, or in the area around Cahuenga and the Hollywood Bowl, PLEASE be careful and keep an eye out.

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  1. I’m a little unclear about the whole “South of Sunset” thing. Is this in West Hollywood/Hollywood? Where did these actual incidents take place?

    I know I’m north of Sunset in Silverlake and I consistently see two coyotes on my street. So far they’re skittish enough to be afraid of me (I’ll charge at them and wave my hands). In our neighborhood they’ve only been fingered for eating cats. If I had a dog smaller than a coyote, I would definitely be worried as well.

    I would be devastated if something like this happened to me and my pooch, so I’ll definitely keep an eye out.

  2. And so it goes for much of California, where suburban and urban sprawl rubs right up against hilly chaparral. Coyotes prevented every cat I had while growing up from getting fat and old.

  3. That smells just like a hoax email; you know the type, the sensationalist ones: “this was just sent to me and has been verified by microsoft, don’t open an email from G Bush I did and it formatted my drive and my husband left me and got run over crossing the road, please send this to everyone you know”

    Perhaps the person who writes that kind of hoax email works at Heavy Petting Pets? I think somebody should call in to investigate?

  4. I don’t think it’s a hoax. I saw a coyote on an early morning walk about a month ago. I was south of Sunset on Micheltorena in the Silver Lake area. I was being kind of dorky while walking with my neighbor and said “Look a dingo.” The words were barely out of my mouth when I realized it wasn’t a stray but a severely malnourished coyote looking very hungry. We were justa couple blocks from the 101. Yikes!

  5. Maybe i was just being paranoid last night after reading this post…but…i swear i heard coyotes howling around 3.30am. It creeped me out, so i picked up my cat and brought her to my bed.

  6. I don’t eve live on the same side of the Pacific Ocean as you, so you’re best placed to make the decision about its accuracy, being local and all.

    But it does seem to be written in the same sensationalist style, doesn’t it?

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